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About OmiTech

OmiTech has been providing consulting engineering services since 2014. Now bringing big-industry know-how to your neighbourhood makerspace.
In partnership with ildsjel, we have a multi-faceted makerspace that can accommodate a wide range of workshop needs including: Heavy-duty workbenches, high-quality specialty tools, electronics working, metal fabrication, wood working, assembly & repair, 3D printing, and CNC Machining.
A Bit About the Keeper
Jason Kanaris is the kind of person that can do anything with a little bit of research, invariably talented at figuring things out. Tools are his playthings and projects are his game. With degrees in both electronics engineering and manufacturing technology, Jason spearheaded ildsjel's Makerspace which he Cofounded with his brother, Dimitri. He's eager to feed off of all the creative types buzzing around and help other bring their ideas to life. He's always the guy in the back.
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